What happens when you actually build your dream? The one that snuck into your subconscious years ago and has needled you ever since, showing up in your grad school assignments, sneaking into conversations with those closest to you, asking to be realized.  

That’s how it began for Liz Sumner. She had a vision for a store where women could shop apparel that made them feel good by looking good. A shop with clothing and accessories they wouldn’t find at every other store, prices that were approachable, and customer service that was friendly, helpful, and went well above the typical.

In 2007, Liz shared that dream with her mother, Mary LeBlanc, and within a few short months, SHOP was born in a growing neighborhood just north of Downtown Milwaukee. As the store grew, Liz and Mary brought on Jessica Hoeft as Store Manager.

SHOP provides women with on-trend clothing options that are comfortable, distinctive and fun to wear. They become the pieces in your closet that you keep grabbing over and over.

Liz and the SHOP team love working with customers, helping them express their style with the clothing and accessories they find there. 

“Whatever you’re doing at any given hour of the day, we want you to feel good doing it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business meeting, picking the kids up from school or meeting friends for dinner, it’s all important because it’s your day, and we love helping you dress for it.”
- Liz Sumner